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Hello Coronauts,
it has been a long time, but the final public build of Alpha v6 is ready! It reflects the last 9 months of development, and contains everything published in daily builds up to this point. You can read about the features, bugfixes, and improvements it brings here: The key new features are:
- Distributed rendering
- Huge speed improvements for scenes with deformation motion blur or complex geometry lights.
- New API for development of plugins for other software suites.
- Ability to save and resume rendering later
- Physical camera, exposure, and light emission

The installer is attached at the bottom of this post. Here is the installation and troubleshooting guide:
Similarly to A5, it comes with a practical installer. You need to close all running 3dsmax instances to install it. If you prefer to copy it manually, you can choose "extract" option in the installer to get just the files. If you come across any kind of error, please report it in the bug reporting section fo the forum:,2.20.html.

One common problem encountered are crashes upon startup on machines with modern processors and Windows 7. You can solve it by installing all Windows system updates.

Enjoy, let us know, how do you like it, what features would you like added, and remember, rendering is magic!
Ondra & the Corona team.


(well as finally as alpha can be)





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