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Corona Alpha v5 released!

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Warning: this is an outdated build, use Alpha v6 instead

Hi all Coronauts ;)
today is the public release of Corona Alpha v5. As usual, it contains all the updates and bugfixes from daily builds made in the last 3 months, fixing almost all of the bugs of v4. It is a subject to the corona licence, and you can download it at the end of this post. The build has an installer for the first time, enjoy! ;)

While I have your attention ;) I would like to mention some important milestones in the Corona project itself before listing the new features:
- The Corona gallery on the homepage was updated with some great artworks made since the last release, you can check it here.
- There is one exceptional project done with Corona, The Capybara Rebellion trailer. You can read short summary about how was the Corona used in the project here.
- Corona Standalone was published, allowing to render scenes from any 3D modeller capable of OBJ export. For inspiration see how duber studio uses it for automatic thumbnail rendering.
- Corona API was created, and is currently being tested by developing integrated plugin for Cinema 4D.

Major new features in Alpha v5
- Added support for Forest Pack Pro and Multiscatter plugins (upgrade your multiscatter version if you are getting warnings)
- Added support for IES directional light emission
- Added hybrid glass mode (both refraction and transparent shadows)
- Added option to disable reflections/refractions of a light 
- Added support for normal mapping - CoronaNormalTex
- Added CoronaTexmap Render element

- Fixed VFB freezing when using Windows 8 + Geforce 600-series
- Fixed problems with texture filtering
- Fixed CoronaLight display and selection in viewport
- Fixed crashes when using Point Caches + motion blur
- Fixed bug where renderer's subanims were not named
- Fixed problems with faceting when using strong bump mapping
- Fixed bug that caused some images to be saved cropped/black.
- Fixed excessive preprocessing times in some scenes
- Fixed bug disabling HD cache when using camera clipping

Minor improvements
- Added support for multiple mapping channels for CoronaProxy
- Added support for vertex color channel
- Added support for asset tracking/repathing for CoronaProxy and CoronaLight IES files
- Added Top/Bottom Map
- Added new default gray value energy conservation algorithm


I will now take a month break for SIGGRAPH, then next features to be added are distributed rendering, irradiance caching, SSS+media, and interactive rendering.

PS: Windows might pop up a message that the program did not install correctly - just ignore it.
PPS: You need to close all 3dsmax instances to succesfully install the new version.

btw, please report any problems with the installer

Thank you for a great product!
.. Converter v0.13 is compatible with this alpha version? Will it work correctly?

Thanks a lot!
Exellent job.

Thank you!


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