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2013-12-11, 23:41:24


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I'd like to know how EXR are working in standalone version. I'm using the exporter from Blender and when I setup a scene with simple EXR like the ones from this site, everything works fine. But when I try using a really good EXR from Peter Guthrie I get an "unsupported file format". I don't really know what's going wrong and why it's not working the same...

I already talked to ohsnapitjoel who's working on the exporter for Blender and he doesn't know neither. He recommended me to ask my question here.

Thanks for your help.

2013-12-11, 23:50:19
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I am using the openEXR library to load the files, so this is really not my code, but I can take a look to see what is causing it. Can you give me an example image that is causing problems?

Also, does it have "exr" extension?
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