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Gallery / WeeHouse - Alchemy Architects
« on: 2015-11-25, 00:52:19 »
Here's another little project I have had in the works for ages....but have only just got around to finishing. Designed by Alchemy Architects its located in Marfa, Texas. I've taken a little creative license with the interior and landscaping. Rendered using Corona , 3DS Max and Photoshop. Feel free to leave any comments/questions.



Gallery / Hydroponics Factory
« on: 2015-05-16, 03:40:52 »
Hi Guys,

Its been a long time since I have had any time to work on a personal project but when I saw an image of this, what I believe to be a hydroponics factory in Mexico I took a weekend off to recreate it in 3D. Using a simple corona sun and sky and utilising a few new composite material tweaks I have learnt this year I think it came out ok. Hope you like it too. C & C always welcome.

For more, feel free to check out my page at

[Max] I need help! / DR Issue - Vanishing Objects
« on: 2014-11-07, 06:56:55 »
Hi Guys,

Having a bit of a strange issue using DR. I have everything set up properly as far as assets being in readable locations for the network and the DR Servers are all installed and working. When I render using DR the speed is great,
 no hangs or anything but after about 30 passes a few of my tree proxys start to vanish (opacity drops down to perhaps 30%). I have never seen this before and was hoping if anyone could office any ideas? As mentioned, all map
and model locations are in the right place and DR seems to be working great except for my vanishing trees. I am running a test at the moment having reimported the trees again and left un- proxied and the seem to be working as they
should. Perhaps the issue is with the proxy and not DR....but other proxies in the scene are working fine.

Any help would be great. Will post a pic soon.

Cheers guys

Gallery / Brick Lane
« on: 2014-08-29, 14:08:46 »
Hi Guys,

Here's a quick shot from a scene I was working on last week in my spare time based on a building by architect Cassion Castle. Ive always found something cool about these hidden lane way architecture gems and a 3 meter tall front door lets in all the COOL! Rendered for about 2 hours and lit mainly with HDRI with a little help from corona sun at about .1 multiplier. I don't normally put people in my scenes but this one really called for it to add interest and a bit of a story. Matching the 2D cutout to appear to be holding the bike tire was a real challenge as the perspective of the cut out is a bit different from the aspect I wanted to capture. I also took the opportunity to play around with some basic leaf meshes for gwivy which I hadn't done before. Its a far more powerful plugin that I realised and will definitely be looking at it in some more detail in coming projects.

Gallery / Fairbairn House
« on: 2014-07-15, 16:28:10 »
HI Guys, here are a few shots from a project I'm finishing up. I saw it featured in Dezeen and really wanted to recreate it in 3D. The procedural bricks were a bit time consuming but I think they turned out ok Rendered with corona A6 3000x3000 (approx) for 450frames about 4 hours each (dual Xeon)  Feel free to ask any questions. C & C welcome.  I'll be posting more from the set as I finish them.

[Max] General Discussion / Corona A7 Issue
« on: 2014-07-02, 01:14:02 »
Hi guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone else had come across this or not but since installing A7 I have noticed my  scenes seem to generate random planes in huge numbers. These planes are invisible in the viewport and seem to be duplicated (lots of times) and sometimes effect the scene at render time (seem to be visible to the lighting in some cases).

Now it's easy enough to delete the planes by selecting them by name...but i'd much rather try and figure out why they are being generated in the first place. I have included and image to better help describe what I am seeing. In this case, over 1100 planes are generated.

Any help would be appreciated. Although everything still works GREAT.....i'd just like to figure out why this is happening.

Thanks guys.

Gallery / Treehouse Aus
« on: 2014-03-03, 13:01:54 »
Ive been looking at modular/kit homes for a friend and this one by Appleton and Domingo (Treehouse Riga is it's official name) is bit of a standout in my opinion. So I took the opportunity to model it and place it in more of an Australian Coastal environment as this is where we call home (not quite THIS close to the beach though)

C & C welcome as always :)

For more, check out my page

Gallery / The Stealth Barn
« on: 2014-02-04, 05:29:32 »
Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I post anything up in the gallery so here's a few images from a set I was working on in my spare time last week. Rendered using Corona obviously, and each image took between 2 and 3 hours to render at 3000px approx. It was also the first time i've used iToo Forest and was really happy with the way it preformed with Corona. Thanks for having a look. C and C welcome.

Gallery / Urban Loft
« on: 2013-12-11, 11:12:09 »
Hi guys,

Thought i'd post a few images from a simple scene based of a few old reference images I had lying around and really nice model of the Bonaldo Big table that I have never used till now. The exercise really was just to play around with composite materials (like the wall/floor/window glass). Originally I wanted to make the dirty window glass as a material too but ended up getting lazy and doing it in post.

Hope you like it...C and C welcome too.


Gallery / Final testing
« on: 2013-11-27, 15:03:46 »
A couple of images in a set i'm working on at the moment. Pt + HD with a few tweaks but still very standard. Corona is now my primary renderer for everything and have no intention in changing back.

[Max] General Discussion / Material Editor grain/low res
« on: 2013-11-27, 01:35:11 »
Apologies if I have missed a thread that answers this but I have noticed (both with Juraj and Peter showing some material settings) that ALL my materials in the editor are quite rough/low res/under sampled in the display compared to theirs. I have included a screen shot to highlight this. I thought it might have been the difference between using Alpha5 over a daily build but now I'm not so sure. I know I could have chosen a more reflective material to show this issue more but I am about 60  passes in and don't really want to have to start over again :)

Just to note, the material is fine in the viewport and once rendered...just the material preview and the material editor display that I am referring to.

Gallery / 2nd Trial Run
« on: 2013-11-17, 03:07:56 »
Hi again,

Just another quick post with the results of my 2nd trial image with Corona. Still a long way to go figuring out optimal settings but again, I'm so impressed with the initial results. Very little post in this image again (unlike my normal mental ray workflow which requires LOTS) and to be honest, the considerable realism of the results of the raw render make the parts done in post really noticeable. Next step is to play around with self illuminating/emitting materials. Any suggesting or C and C are more than welcome.


Gallery / Corona Trial Run
« on: 2013-11-15, 04:36:13 »
Hi Guys,

Finally took the plunge and installed corona Alpha5 yesterday and after getting my head around a bit of the workflow, here is the result of my first image. I haven't let it go long at all (186 passes at 2000x2000 which took an hour and a half on my 2 x xeon) but I think the results are REALLY good considering I spent NO time on materials (and left a lot just as a test material) and lit the scene with an HDRI and 2 material portals.

For anyone interested, the settings were PT16 and HD Cache50 and I upped the secondary GI settings to PT512 with 300max records. Perhaps these changes were unnecessary but I tried to collect a few tips from suggestions within the image gallery from users that had submitted the works I liked.

I'm really interested to understand corona a lot better with the view to switching over from Mental Ray as soon as possible so please, C and C as well as pointers would be more than welcome.

P.S...I have attached a 2nd image with the stats bar up because I would like to better understand the lights section. It says I have 22,843 lights. I noticed that in the Aplha4 benchmark test there was only 1 light indicated. Have I done something terrible here that I need to be made aware of? :)

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