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Hello Folks,
honestly I am not very good about PC spec, at the moment I am going to buy a new Intel machine.
Have a look at my configuration....Is anyone complaining about this configuration?
I don't wanna spend to much ,but this 6 core processor look more appealing than the 4 core Intel® Core™i7-4820K 3.7GHZ  or the Intel® Core™ i7-4790k 4GHZ.
Is it worth or not, and about the rest, do you have any consideration?

Cheers guy.

Why not go for i7-5820K and a newer socket motherboard with DDR4 (s.2011-3)? It is also a 6-core but a newer one (Haswell-E) and it will work a bit faster.

Oh and definitely get a 3rd party CPU cooler, stock coolers are a disaster. Go for Noctua NH-D14 if you prefer air cooling, or Corsair H110 for some quick and easy AIO water cooling (I have tried Antec 1250 as well, and it is a great alternative). If you need a cheap variant you can go with Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO or Hyper 412S.

Everything mentioned will work wonders compared to a stock cooler.

Hope I managed to help a bit :)

Following your comment, this is £1,758.00 , 50 Pounds more than the other.
What do you think, about that kind of memory is not available on the website and the water cooler is the closest solution to your.

This seems like a decent config now. I cannot speak for H60 since I haven't personally tested it (should be something like H100 with a smaller radiator and 1 radiator fan but still plenty for cooling your i7).

I can tell you though that both Corsair H100 and H110 work great. H100 is a bit too loud in load, so you should think about using some 3rd party radiator fans on it, Noctua is great and quite cheap. Anyway, H110 is way better considering noise and is on par with Antec in both cooling power and noise.

And yeah...DDR4 is quite hard to find in stock, if you can find it grab it :)

Thanks tomislavn I appreciate.


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