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Corona Scatter boundaries - A7.1 question


Is there anything else, apart from making the scattered patch of grass smaller, that I can do to prevent the scattered objects to run over edges?

I know that it was asked before, just wondering if something new happened over the matter through daily/final release builds.

EDIT: Just to clarify - this was a quick setup for the test, grass model and material were made in 5min.. just wondering about the functionality. It is actually a preparation for my new project, aerial shot of 3 villas in the middle of nowhere, lots of vegetation included /wrist)


Nope, not in corona scatter, but you could use forrest pro, use falloff which substitutes a smaller patch of grass thats close to the edge.
Or just copy the surface, inset it 500mm from the edge, delete the outside and put your large patches of grass on that.
With the other surface do the same inset, delete the middle and scatter smaller patches of grass. ( I've being doing  this way for a while )
Its easier then using forrest pro.

Hey Javadevil, thank you very much for your tips. I will definitely try the inset part with corona scatter :) since I still haven't decided to buy Forest Pro.


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