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PNG Error on render node

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Just installed 3dsmax2015 and corona 1.00.02 and now I get this error.
Is the bug solved?

It is most probably not Corona-related. See:

You may also try following solutions:
-delete all render elements, restart 3ds Max, add elements again
-check if there are any xref objects or other assets in your scene, especially missing ones (which can't be reached) - this may sound strange but it was reported as a probable solution


--- Quote ---1 - Close 3Ds Max
2 - Go to C:\Users\[YourName]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit
3 - Delete ENU folder (I usually keep the "UI"-folder inside "en-US")
4 - Restart 3Ds Max

--- End quote ---

This didnt work from
Right now my animation is rendering normally with output set to .jpeg

I just got the same error again.
Fixed by:
-remove elements
-save, restart 3dsmax, open file
-add elements again
-render (DR with 5 slaves, 6000*2250 png, no problems right now)

I suffered from this issue for years. Eventually I just recompiled 3dsmax's PNG plugin to get rid of that annoying message.


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