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PNG Error on render node

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Freom my experience it is a 3dsmax problem. It occurs when I try to render with any renderfarm managment software like deadline and leave the distributed rendering option ticked. When I turn the DR off and submit the job without it, everything works fine


We've been getting the same problem quite a lot.

I've been looking for the png recompile that was mentioned and it's disappeared. I'm not technical enough to do that sort of thing myself. If anyone can point me in the direction, I'd be grateful.

I guess this hasn't got anything to do with the fact that the Corona DR server writes a DR_Out.png file? Or is that just a red herring?


Once again, this looks like a 3ds Max problem. One possible solution is, as mentioned in this thread, removing all render elements, saving the scene, restarting max, opening the scene, re-adding the elements.

Sorry to bump this again. I know there are probably other things to fix before the 1.6 release. In fact it may have been fixed in 1.6.

We are still getting these errors, but we never output to .png and we also don't use .png files in our textures.

The Max forums higher up in the thread weren't that helpful really.

It's really got nothing to do with the fact that Corona saves various dr-out.png passes here?

Seems odd that we only got these since moving over to Corona.


we do have the same problem by using corona. There is no problem with vray...

We are using the last version of corona and vray

 did you find a solution?


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