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Corona Scatter missing Materials

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I submitted a number of renderings to the rebusfarm yesterday, some of the corona scatter objects are missing its materials and render dark gray. Does anyone has an idea why is this happeing and if there is a solution?


Rebus farm:
Keymaster did you got my PM with the scene and bug report ? since i not see it in my "sent" PM

yes i got it. I will look, but dont know when

I think that I found a solution, or the problem if you wish. The corona scatter objects were generated in Corona v6 and I am using 7 now, so the old scatter objects were deleted an new created. Seems to be working, or at least I am getting lucky because I submitted two low res tests and both came rendered right like they should.

Could it be that the scatter was changed in a way that could be generating this problem?

no, I've found out it is because some textures are used only on the scattered objects, that are hidden and displayed only via scatter - when you unhide source objects, it works. I will fix this in next release


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