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Cloner plus Normal map BUG

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I made a tile floor using Cinema Mograph Cloner and a formula effector to rotate each second tile by 90 degrees. When I use a normal map for the material, the floor appears strangely shaded. Each tile reacts weirdly to light.
Why is this happening?

I have no idea how C4D cloner or formula effector works, but if rotation takes place before normal map shading, then this behaviour is expected. You can't arbitrary rotate UVs and expect correct behaviour, unless normal shading takes place before UV rotation. You can rotate tiles with Corona mapping randomizer, just make sure to maintain correct nodes order - normal map first, then Corona mapping randomizer.

Thank you for replying. I hadn't considered using the Corona randomizer for simple things like tiles or cubes. Anyway, Mograph, which includes the cloner and all of the effectors with fields etc., is perhaps the most powerful and versatile tool in Cinema. When I picture more sophisticated objects, such as humans for example. When I clone the human, rotate and scale it with the random effector, I will encounter the same issue, and I will be unable to use the Corona randomizer in this case. The person is placed beneath the cloner and assigned its own material tag. Then the cloner completes the cloning process. It signifies that the UV map does not rotate for human clones. The topology and its UVW map are bonded together. As a result, I see no reason why this should be an issue. This problem did not arise with other renderers.

If UV map is not rotated and instead it's only geometry that's being transformed, then there should be no issues with normal mapping for sure.

I'm not very familiar with the formula effector. There might be another way to do this that might work. Have you tried using a random field in a plain effector and set the remapping contour to step? This texture with a normal map appears to be rendering as expected.

I just found this which might also help :)


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