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Sun Target moving

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I get the same disjointed sun with its target when i open your scene, however it jumps back to its target as soon as move either the sun, or the target. Saving the scene and opening it again makes the issue re-appear. I also tried to create a new sun and it acts as expected. Attaching your scene with added new sun (Corona sun003), just to see how it behaves on your side.

I don't have any solutions to this issue, other than try to delete your 3ds Max ENU folder and see if that helps. Don't forget to make a copy, since nuking that folder will wipe out all your customization!

Thank you Romullus for you interest.
I've tried right now to merge the scene to another new file without the sun and create a new one but the problem reappear again.. Maybe I'll try to jump back to Max 23 and Corona 10 to see the result.
Thank you again

Saved the file in 2023, opened with 3dsmax 23 + Corona 9 and the problem diasappear. Maybe its a bug of Max 24

I'm working with Max 2024 and it doesn't happen to me. Anyway, glad to see that you've solved the issue.

I had the same problem after updating. Almost every scene created in corona 10 and re-opened in 11 appeared with the same problem, target being moved. One of the thing causing this problem, may be corona color correct map. In my case, scenes with a moving target had the same scene environment. Set up by connecting the corona sky map to the corona color correct map then plugged to single map. After disconnecting the corona color correct map and setting up coronaSky to a simple map, problem seems to be solved. Other solution was to disable the sun target. Still, using both of these solutions ale mildly frustrating so I'm looking forward to see more optimized solution.


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