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Crash with Edge Trimming - C4D 2024.1.0 and Corona 10 (HF2)

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--- Quote from: d4l1 on 2023-10-25, 15:12:15 ---Preparing a test scene is always a great way of troubleshooting.

Got to the point where I would say, the grass assets created with Forester will crash while using Edge Trimming. Once converted, it renders without any problem. Looks like that thread was opened a little bit too fast and I'm off to the other support site now. :)

Thanks anyway!

--- End quote ---

Same thing happens in this scene. But I can share the new one. Just to be sure: The original problem / crash happened because of the Forester assets and Corona. Now, the crash is gone but it doesn't use Edge Trimming only with the Forester assets. Therefor the test scene needs that plugin. :) I'll start a ticket + mention this thread.

Thank you!


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