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I've seen on trello that VFB and color management is being worked on. So maybe this is in the works already.

I've would like to have a LUT in the VFB that doesn't get applied to the output, a "view LUT" if you will. More savvy people in the area of color management and color grading will probably have a better word for this an also want to use very specific view transform LUTs. I just want to preview my render with some extra punch, but then not have it burned in and then finesse it manually in Photoshop :)

Aram Avetisyan:

All the operators in Corona VFB can be toggled on or off. So, you can apply the LUT operator with the LUT of the choice, view it. And when exporting, the disabled it.
What is the issue or inconvenience with this method?

The inconvenience is that it's easily forgotten.
So just like modifiers have off in viewport I'd like "off in output" or a "display only LUT". But since Max has such huge troubles remembering to write my tiffs as 16-bit, I've started using CXR more, in which case this is not an issue since I can change it afterwards :D For animation however batching with corona image editor is something I've yet to try, it still can't edit mutiple files or a sequence right?

It can edit a sequence or batch using batch processing, so you can write for example a little script that will apply the same tone mapping or same lightmix to all images inside a folder and save them out to PNG, etc. What would be hard is animating those changes over a sequence :)

Yeah, that's a solution that's probably works for those who really need it and I don't think anyone has any want to animate the settings and basically have CIE become a video editor.

But "you can write a little script" isn't really aligned with my image of the Corona brand or philosphy of just making things kind of easy for the user (just speaking for myself here). Instead of a several users making little scripts that are basically the same. Maybe a developer can write a little bit* of code to be ably to apply a preset in CIE to a folder?

* I have no idea how little that bit of code is ;D


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