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Displacment Bug with Corona Mapping Randomizer

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Software is 3ds Max 2023.1 with Corona 9 hotfix 3 and Corona 10 hotfix 1

As the subject title says, when using a displacement map combined with a Randomizer to turn the bitmap it doesn't work with the displacement slot. However, the same bitmap plugged in to the bump slot does work, the same for other slots.
This only is an issue when using the "Randomized by Mesh Element" if I use it with "Face Material ID" it works fine. So this is more of an inconvenience rather than a BUG.
The setup can be more complex and I am just used to use Mesh Element on almost everything I do. Specially when you have to use a Multi/Sub-Object Material this becomes annoying and tedious.

In the images attached you can se that the NormalShading Pass shows the Bump map works as expected but the NormalGeometry Pass shows the same map being repeated and not turned around.
Moreover, it just uses the first bitmap on all the tiles and ignores the rest. This is why the Beauty Pass looks wrong.

My guess is that because the Displacement is calculated at render time the Mesh Elements are messed up and it will not do it properly.

Hope that this helps

Thank you for a detailed report.
We already have this logged in our internal systems as a bug.

(Internal ID=410159793)

Duplicate of

Thanks for the update @maru.
I can see on the link you provide that the issue has first been reported in ... 2019. Are you working on implementing a fix? It looks pretty long since it was first reported.

Thanks Maru. I knew someone had to have this issue befor me. Well, looking forward to Corona 11 then XD

Fixed in v11



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