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[RESOLVED] Camera space based striped when displacement is used


i have a new weird bug:

i have a floor with a material, that uses displacement, When I use displacement i always get horizontal camera space based stripes in the render.
when i switch to world mode it is ok (but slow and inefficient)

the material is nothing complicated only a little displacement, i have hundreds of similar ones that render ok, it is only with one single material (bitmap based textures),
and only ion this scene. the floor object is a normal c4d plane object

does anybody know this? i never ever had that in all those years...

sadly i cant show the scene, but maybe somebody had such a thing already or knows what might trigger this?

EDIT: solved it in reducing the displ size to 0.25px, first time i needed to go so small. maybe its due the texture detail?

Have you subdividing the original plane geometry?


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