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Interactive rendeting while baking

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Hey! I have a lot of task about textures baking. And as you know it is difficult to bake materials with correct reflection, like you got in the render.
It will be a HUGE help and procces optimtzation if corona renderer wil have Intaractive rendering not only for regular rendering, bit for baking to.
example of struggling:
- I am baking metall material
- pressing bake button and waiting for the first result
- result has a bad reflections
- i stop baking process and change some light position and paramets
- pressing bake button and waiting for the next result
- and after that I have to repeat this a lot of time
As I wrote if will be very cool rendering on the fly in window and changing paramets, position for the light and differen objects, like we can do in interactive rendering now.

Out of interest - what application has baked reflections nowadays?

I am working with WebGL frameworks, most of them support PBR, but for casual games, where 90% are phone users this is good idea to bake some reflections on static objects, from the optimization point. And I believe that this task not too complicated, but maybe I am wrong.

Well, technically it's impossible to bake correct reflections, because it is tied to angle between light source (environment), surface normal and viewer eye-point (camera). There are some bakers that can bake fake reflections, but Corona is not into fakes, so i would not hold my breath on something like that ever happen.

I agree with you. All that I wanted to see baking process in real time, with possibility to check how my metal material looks like. Metal can look great on renders, but while baking it takes projection from normal direction. In my work I have situations that enought to rotate object of baking for getting much better result.


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