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With the release of the latest daily build of Corona version 8 2022-02-02, Cryptomatte render element has been added.

* Changelog:
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>>> For this daily, be sure to disable the allow propagation through reflection/refraction from the render elements > cryptomatte rollout, as it might create some issues <<<"

It can be found in the Render Setup (F10) > Render Elements > Add > CMasking_Cryptomatte. You can further customize it by Levels control, where you can determine the number of objects that can be identified by the cryptomatte in a single pixel, and by ID type you can determine the distinction between different objects. It supports motion blur, transparency and depth of field.

Note: Render outputs of this render element need to be saved as .CXR (do not save as OpenEXR) and either be renamed to .EXR when saving, or in the case of .CXR you can always select to open the file with "Open as..." and select which plugin you want to use. 

Please feel free to post your creations here, and offer any valuable feedback, using this new feature for Corona Renderer v8.

I'm not an expert, but it appears that cryptomate works just fine in Affinity Photo, no need to rename, or do anything special. On the other hand, it looks that cryptomate completely ignores volumetrics, will this be improved in the future?

Does cryptomate element need to be rendered for multiple passes for antialiasing, or just one pass is enough. The preview shows zero antialiasing, but i suspect it may look very different under the hood.

It needs multiple passes - the colored layer visible in the VFB will always look "pixellated" and won't show any changes after the first pass or two, but the actual usable layers will improve with multiple passes. The best advice is to render the scene fully, until the Beauty is clean, then the cryptomatte passes will be clean too.

EDIT - especially true for motion blur and DOF, which is where cryptomatte is most useful. Those need to have cleaned up in the beauty for the matte to be able to be accurate and effective :)

Thanks for clarification Tom, it's a pity that there's no proper visual representation in the VFB though - sometimes you just need to render the masking elements alone, without any shading and it's impossible to tell wether cryptomate has enough antialiasing, or not. Not a problem when you're rendering everything in one go, of course.


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