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UVW-Randomnizer not working with displacement

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Hi. As the title says, the UVW-Randomnizer doesn't work in the displacement-slot. It works in the bump-slot, but not in the displacement-slot.

Don't know if this a known issue, but since I couldn't find any reports on this, I wanted to let you know.

Best Regards

Indeed, and it gets even worse if autobump is enabled - displacement is not affected by uvw randomizer, but automatic bump mapping, is. That gives nasty artifacts and it gets very messy if you tick/untick autobump when IR is running.

We have a similar report about Multimap in "by element" mode. Will be sure to log this one too.

(similar to: internal id=297184042)

Hmm, I tried reproducing this and failed. Can you try with the newest daily (29.07.2019) and let me know what specific options of the UVW Randomizer you used?
A super simple scene would be probably best.
Thanks in advance!

hello, i was just going to write about this uvrandomiser and displacement problem as well so I can tell you:
i m using corona 4 hotfix1,
as you can see on this pic i attached,
corona multimap is working perfectly with "mesh element" mode,
but the "uv randomiser" in "mesh element" mode does not work on the displacement map
it is working on the full object, but not on different mesh elements of the object.


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