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this is not my idea, i do not know who got this idea first, but I saw that on first. Anywaym is there somebody who is willing to create some scene (i don't know, anything) and share it in some contes.

So... lets invite noncorona users from interweb!

Rules (lets say little bite stolen)
- Use only given scene with specific models you may not add/remove/change single poly
- Render only from given camera (you may NOT change FOV, position and other params)
- You may add your shaders as you wish
- Any textures
- Scatter?
- Color Corection and PostProduction?
- MTD???
- You may use any number of lights

It is just an idea (stolen). What dou you folks think?

So: everybody would render the same scene from same cam - adding only lights and shaders.

for example this scene (2009):

and theese results (waaaaaaaaay back from 2006)

edit: just make it little more understanadable.

Good, now we just need a scene and 10 participants ;)


--- Quote from: Keymaster on 2012-11-09, 15:48:34 ---Good, now we just need a scene and 10 participants ;)

--- End quote ---

why not, maybe someone will be so generous :)

Ok, I'm in but I don't quite get it. Who has to make this scene? What kind of scene? Interior/exterior, character, arch vis, part of animation? Should this scene be simple or complex? What are the goals? To make the scene more attractive, funny, realistic? Could you post that original challenge thread?

I wish I could participate ... if only I managed to run Corona on my computers ;)


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