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Use the script that Frood wrote, test it, make it your own if you will and create a button on the toolbar

You can do that by your own if you like (just put the code into a macroscript). But that way of "programming" is not the way to go at all, even if it works. What is does, is simply "emulate" being a user who selects the scatters and clicks that "convert" button. If the Corona team would decide to rename the button, it would not work any more. This is all crap, we need a proper maxscript interface for doing it correctly. But in this case (scatter object), that option would perfectly fit into the Corona listener. No need for any additional button, and it would process the scatters way faster.

For the other requests - yes, we are aware of them, and it would be great to have proper host application language (maxcript) support for all the tools.

My point is, that nothing should be developed without initially(!) having in mind to publish important features to maxscript - and doing so :)

Good Luck


This could be something that you could improve, an easy way to convert multiple or every scatter in the scene as a mesh

I agree. We need interfaces for scatter and CoronaCamera at least to be able to script them properly. Here is another (ugly) one for you: select the scatter objects you want to convert and then run this snippet, I hope it works for you:

Code: [Select]
AInterface =  (dotNetClass "Autodesk.Max.GlobalInterface").Instance
cPanel= (windows.getHWndData (AInterface.UtilGetCoreInterface16()).CommandPanelRollup.Hwnd)[7]
max modify mode
sObjects=for o in selection where (classof o==ChaosScatter) collect o
for o in sObjects do (
format "Processing '%'\n"
select o
ConvertButton=windows.getChildHWND cPanel "Convert to Max geometry"
windows.sendMessage ConvertButton[1] 0x201 0 0
windows.sendMessage ConvertButton[1] 0x202 0 0
-- optional, deletes the scatter object after creating meshes:
-- delete o

This will be registered as a feature request, but this is not something that is regularly done, I believe.

Sorry, but if Corona/CScatter will call itself professional, there just has to be proper(!) script access for everything. Those mentioned ForestPack options aren't there because iToo was bored and implemented them Friday evening as a chips'n red wine job, but because users need and requested it. At the very least, converting to mesh has to be implemented into the scatter lister as an option (edit: of) the actions column. But script access is superior because you do not depend on any UI.

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Animation Flicker
« on: 2024-02-02, 17:31:36 »
Just a note: I never was able to render flicker free sequences (without pre-computed cache) using the default quality of 1. I always needed to raise it to 2.

Good Luck

That ".material" is not required anyway imho. It should work as well if "target:obj.material" is changed to "target:obj" (in both lines). Then there is no error thrown if obj has no material applied.

Good Luck

Hi Aram,

If its about having RANDOMIZATION per pattern geometry island

Yes, this. And those two options already have been discussed: 1: move geometry internally -> technically not possible. 2: having another MultiMap mode -> not sure if declined, but I was almost sure that it's not possible (or expensive) to track geometry correctly in this case.

Good Luck

Thankfully, there is some workaround.

Actually there is another, using multiple surface references and multiple CoronaPatterns. But it's horrible to create :)

Good Luck

General CG Discussion / Re: Help with Max scripting
« on: 2024-01-11, 13:21:42 »
Yes, thanks for letting me steal that idea to use them for myself - which is my daily deed ;)

Good Luck


Yes, thanks, seen it, working of course but it's cumbersome (especially if you have two directions to match/shift, not only one).

Good Luck

General CG Discussion / Re: Help with Max scripting
« on: 2024-01-11, 09:17:53 »

picked up the idea but implemented it as file menu item. Additionally, saving only happens if a save is required (no changed made to scene, relying on getSaveRequired()). Script goes to any autostart folder (usually scripts\startup). Sharing it as an alternate option.

Good Luck

Hi Aram,

I am not sure I clearly understand what you are trying to do.

Have a look at id=1078410170, hoped that it would be possible with render time generated geometry internally, but obviously not.

Good Luck

even in a non-teapot scene ;)

Don't use such scenes, you may encounter bugs ;]

Good Luck

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: My VFB Redesign
« on: 2023-12-08, 08:54:09 »
I hope not. Yes, it looks good, not as dusty as the current one with nice icons, but I'd not like to work with it: needs a lot of space (scroll party if expanded) and -most important- you cannot see the main values without permanently stepping through the operators. I'd like to see the main parameter as in current VFB next to the operator name at least, then: yes, please some modern touch for VFB (I prefer option 2) :)

Good Luck

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Tiles playground
« on: 2023-12-07, 12:02:35 »
Is it a technical reason with displacement calculation in IR?

Displacement would have to be calculated at every viewport change, the "I" from IR would be lost :) But you can use this one:

It basically does something similar like changing some material as you mentioned and updates displacement without reparsing the scene while limiting itself to materials with enabled displacement.

Good Luck

Lol exactly what we've been discussing.

Amazing, yes. A destitute and clinical "message" that reads more like a "don't tell unsuccessful stories about 'success team' in public" directive. And 'Warm regards' feels rather like being welcomed in a fridge. I should really start to use AI to train myself being able to communicate with the disembodied :)

Good Luck

So basically is still a known issue and we'll see it being solved in Corona V11?

Yes. You can try the current release candidate here if you like to see the difference:
Or just wait for v11 final, should be out soon.

I tried dj_buckley's suggestions (thanks btw) to use low values but unfortunately I still get the offset in the displacement.

I'm not aware that using [0;1] range could solve anything in this case.

Good Luck

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