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Hey guys! Just tryed daily build from 2020-12-10 and found a strange looking bug.

Parsing time turns infinite when there is coronascatter from the previous version is present in the scene.

I will try to replicate same bug with the clean scene to see if the scene is the problem or it is replicatable.

PS - Max 2021 V2 Win10 Xeon 8176ES x2 64RAM

I am encountering strage looking reflection artifacts on 5RC2 from reflection override.
Have you tried disabling the adaptive light solver? (Performance tab)

Will try.

UPD - it worked, need scene or it is a known issue?

I am encountering strage looking reflection artifacts on 5RC2 from reflection override.

As a overide is placed HDRI with Native corona collor correction node.

HDRI - 16k version


8176 QL1F 2x 64ram W10 MAX 2017SP3

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Caustics playground!
« on: 2019-04-29, 13:08:22 »
Overall i think there is something wrong with calculation of number and randomisation of rays caused by caustics, when there is more than 1-2 lightsources and dificult reflective materials (bump, complex glossines etc) it freaks out and stays with the first raycast of caustics wich causes a lot of overbright fireflys wich are not removed by the denoiser nor intel nor native.

I will try to provide proving tests for my words in couple of days.

In latest build, Corona shows warning message about AI denoising and HQ filtering incompatibility, but despite that rendering is progressing without further explanation on what is going on, is it denoising is being ignored or filtering is reverted todefault. I think further explanation is needed in warning message.

As i understood, it works but gives wrong result.

Gallery / Re: Glass-Liquid-Ice
« on: 2019-04-16, 10:31:03 »
Could be :) 

I mainly assumed based on color of the "Liquid" (oils and similar were instantly excluded, based on probability of getting these liquids served in such arrangement). While scotch, whisky, bourbon & maybe even rum aren't strong, pure enough (based on density, drink must have at least 86% of alcohol for ice to sink to bottom). Tea or coffee are mainly water. So the only argument left for me was, that those "Ice rocks" are basically made of glass. Then they would keep cold, wouldn't melt, would sink to bottom & have different IOR. Problem could easily be solved, if title weren't so descriptive. ;)
Yet still, there's so much detail missing to stop any speculative guessing... ;)

I have a solution =D

Gallery / Exterior.
« on: 2019-04-16, 07:23:22 »
A fast project of a 2 story house placed on the coastline Latvia.

It resembles signature acheticture style of Jurmala.

Designer - Victoria Belaja
Architect - Janis Vizinjsh
CG - Blackbell

Total time - two nights

PS - Criticism welcome.

I don't know if it is related to new build. But max freezes on saving render manualy on render end if bloom and glare is enabled.

Disabling bloom and glare debugs isue. Also there is no such problem if the batch render is used and and render saves automaticaly. Problem ocures only when saving from VFB.


I have made ticket on that, and uploaded scene to replicate - 4 DB 5-4-2019 VFB Whitefreze MAX

And you also should not render so clean images. Sure it's good to test how the new image filter contributes to final quality image, but it will be harder for human eye to spot the differences. I'd do one more test, again with the same amount of passes, but lower amount of them (let's say a half) so you can spot the differences better.

From the current test, it appears that the HQ image filter mainly helps to resolve very small highlights/glints.

I get what you are saying, but to me practically, the noise in both of these images (HQ and non-HQ) are the minimum amount of noise I'd be willing to accept in my renders. There isn't any reason for me to make comparisons with more noise/less passes, since I'd never use them any way. My tests are more practical for me to figure out if this feature would benefit me.

Maybe other people can focus more on the academic, less passes/more noise tests.

This yes, wanted to mention that too about the logic in testing on final quality renders. It is like we are aiming for final quality in the end right? So that is what we should be comparing.

Just was to sleepy yesterday.

Gallery / Re: Glass-Liquid-Ice
« on: 2019-04-11, 23:06:17 »
Getting back to physics, May be it is not water in the glass, something with slightly less density like oil or alcohol.

Gallery / Re: Fairy Tales - 'Crude World'
« on: 2019-04-11, 23:03:08 »
Great work, i wounder why it is not so noticed by comunity.

I will get back to the testing on weekend. I just have cuple of *real life* scenes with a lot of complications on dof and highlights.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Decrease in performance
« on: 2019-04-07, 13:12:38 »
is this still applyable in the latest version? I dont' see the option

You can do it manualy in Taskmanager.

I have an idea, can you try disabling adaptivity for this test?

Good thing i have visited forum before going to sleep, shure yes. And i will make same settings i used for previous just with 4k.


10hrs 588pases no adaptivity 4GI\AA as pevious

Shadow details on wall present after denoising as on image with old sampling.

And noise on the floor is much lower.

PS - The denoise error was VFB halucinacion. It is not present on saved images(denoised). I compared them using photoshops diference blending and there is only slight differenc in noise stucture. I will attach both images for it will be simplier to compare.

Ok. I made a proper test of real life sitiuation this time.

Isues i have noticed.

With new sampler reflections in the mirror (wall detail shadows) are washed out for some reason.

New sampler handles DOF areas great but only at edges of objects. Large surfaces (floor in this specific case) looks horible a lot of speckle noise.

Also reflection\refraction detail being washed out with denoiser (parfume bottle)

For both images rendertiome 40 mins.

Old sampler made 266 pases

New sampler made 230 pases

In both cases native denoiser was used.

I will purge 4k trough the night just to see what will happen.

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