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wrong ram used information


Hello guys,

Since 7.1 i have a funny bug (read not blocking one) : the ram use shown in DRserver is wrong.

please see screenshot.

Windows10 up to date - corona 7 hotfix 1

Hi, this is actually kinda both correct and wrong at the same time :) When we talk about used or available memory, it's never entirely correct to deal with just one number.

The values shown in the DR server as X/Y mean:
X - commit size - how much memory did all the running applications request from the operating system (you can see this number as the valluée in your task manager screenshot)
Y - how much installed physical RAM you have (you can see this number in the upper right corner of your task manager)

The commit size is usually higher than the actual memory usage, because an application can request memory and not use it. Also on the other hand due to swap files, the system can actually provide more memory to the applications that what is the actual installed RAM size.

See our RAM FAQ for more details.

However I agree that for this reporting in the DR server UI, it would probably make more sense to display the actual memory used by the applications and not just how much memory was requested.


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