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Rays/s actual sooo low and render time soooo high :(((

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Hi all,
I am rendering a complex interior scene and it took already 24 hours to get 3-4 passes with very noisy and low quality (see attachments).

My specifications are:
- Mac Mini M1
- C4D R21
- Corona 5
- File Size ca. 1 GB

In previous projects I did not have so crazy problems. It is the first time.

I tried already that:
- cleaning up the scene in deleting all unnecessary objects and materials
- There are some complexer materials like the woodstamp concrete with displacements…or the rug…or 5 spotlights with an IES-Light. But can that be the problem?
- checking all portal light objects that they fit perfectly into the window holes
- using the default render settings with the GI/AA Balance
- Yes, I have a lot of lights there…also in the multi-pass lightMix Channel…should I reduce that to a minimum and/or use instances?

General questions:
- Could it be that Cinema R21 and Corona 5 are too "old" to do the job…and I should update it?
- Or/and are there mistakes I did so that it slowed down so massively?

I know that computers are only ever as intelligent as the person sitting in front of them! So please help me!! ;)))

Best Doc

Are you possibly running out of free RAM?
Other than that, I suppose the support would need your scene to know more.

--- Quote from: DRWZDC on 2021-09-06, 22:00:13 ---
General questions:
- Could it be that Cinema R21 and Corona 5 are too "old" to do the job…and I should update it?

--- End quote ---

Corona 5 is not too old, but I still would use a recent version, because many bugs were fixed and they render faster due to many optimisations.
Give it a try, you can always go back, just in case.


There's a big chance that material or an object in your scene is causing a high consumption of RAM.
Are you getting the "Running out of RAM" message?
Could you please let us know how much-installed RAM is in your mac mini?
It would be handy if you can share the scene with us.
You can use our private uploader here:
Let me know the outcome.

Yes, I got that error message "Running out of RAM"…but I got it in earlier projects from time to time too and it never caused so much trouble like in that project now.
And yes, it could be a material or object that causes the trouble but I cant identify it.
I have no idea anymore – so I will send you the file via the private uploader for checking. Thanks!

I got the maximum possible RAM installed in the Mac Mini M1: 16 GB.
This sounds low but because of the new M1-Chip the performance was normally very good.


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