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Scaling resolution in IR in Arnold


It would be very useful to be able to quickly resize the final resolution like in Arnold IPR.
For example: 50% or 200% (to quick see more details or less :) for faster passes) of the final render resolution without changing it in the settings. It would be very convenient.

We are planning to make the IR resolution dependent on the window size the same way it's in 3ds version of Corona. Then you'll be able to scale the render by resizing the framebuffer window.

Ok, but still it would be nice to have an option to scale it without resizing IR window ...what about case when the resolution will have to be increased by 300% and the IR window will not fit on the monitor? It helps a lot to take a fast-closer look at materials. Just saying.
Thanks for a good work! I love Corona! I'm waiting to buy it :)



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