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Fall Off shader

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Nejc Kilar:

--- Quote from: Eddoron on 2018-06-04, 15:13:35 ---Yes, it's not as comfortable but still possible.

--- End quote ---

Indeed :) I do think that it could be improved drastically and I presume that is what iacdxb was referring to. I could be wrong though.

Anyhow, I guess its like comparing the compact material editor to a nodal editor - Everything is possible but still a lot harder. :)

Standard Fresnel is standard and good for all purpose.

I am from Vray and I think around 5 kind of fresnel shaders in that, most popular is GrandRamp. its with some noise setting and some interpolation and gradient settings how you need it and texture slots also.

Possible if Corona can make a little simple than that with some interpolation and gradient setting... for more control in fresnel.



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