Author Topic: Multiple Uv map in the same material  (Read 941 times)

2022-08-29, 12:14:33


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Actually, I've should have written two Uv maps.

I've found this trick i want to share because i searched a long time for a workaround to this and never found anything, till today playing with the projector i discovered this out of the blue.

If you have a material and you set the tag like: UV 1 - Material - UV 2

In the material all the maps will use the UV 2. But every map you place in the projector with UVW mapping projection will use the UV map 1!

Allowing to use two UV in the same material!

2022-09-06, 02:03:31
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yes, +1

i also hope chaos/corona devs can add  a UV channel for each texture or shader slot. like UV 1, UV2 etc.

we made that via and UV channel tag in the old v-ray 3.x version for c4d, so i am quite sure it is technically possible in c4d.
of course there might be more intelligent was to implement this.

c4d objects can have more than 1 UVW tag. so needed would be to assign this tags not only to mats, but also to shaders inside materials (like c4d projector allows different mapping per shader inside a c4d material)