Author Topic: Crash When Replacing Materials  (Read 894 times)

2021-08-07, 03:52:18


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I had previously posted about a crash when dragging materials from the Content Browser to the Material Window. Not sure if this is the same error or not. Now, I've had a couple crashes when running the Interactive Viewport.

I paste a car model that has C4D materials into a scene that has existing Corona car materials. I like to drag the window glass Corona material on top of the C4D glass material using the alt/option drag feature. This replaces the old material with he Corona material everywhere it is used. Very quick way to set up my model for rendering.

Even better is to use one of the interactive render windows to get real-time feedback. This type of crash seems to mostly happen with IR running.

I've attached the bug report and something called trigger. For some reason, C4D hasn't been creating the scene file.

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Aug  3 2021 18:36:33
Version: 7.0
Cinema version: R20.059 CINEMA 4D Studio

2021-08-09, 09:33:28
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I will create an internal ticket, even though I do not seem to reproduce this.
My flow: Open a scene with a model + corona materials > Run Viewport IR > Add a Car object from C4D Content Browser to the scene > Alt+Drag&drop Corona Glass material over glass material of the car
This is crashing for you, right?

Learn how to report bugs for Corona in C4D here.

2021-08-09, 13:06:31
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Not all the time, but yes. The IR window seems much more stable for me. At some point, I'll have to upgrade to a more recent version of C4D I know.