Author Topic: need help: corona distance shader to create path in meadow  (Read 691 times)

2021-03-19, 10:55:43


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I need help please. I use the plugin "Surface Spread" for cloning objects in C4D. With it I have created a test-meadow on a surface. Now I'd like to use Sweep-Object to spread out a path, analogous to the official Corona render post ( So the grasses should be cut out along the sweep and then slowly spread to the dense meadow. Attached is a screenshot from the Corona homepage.
I have now created the meadow, as well as the sweepnurb.
I have also created the distance shader, but unfortunately it has no effect. In the attachment you can see my settings - what am I doing wrong, can you please help me?

1: Has the Spine of the Sweep to be set on 0 Y-level, cutting into the surface-spread-distribution-plane, or should der Sweep hover over the surface-spread-distribution-plane as now in my setting?

2:Is it right to connect the Cloning-Object (surface spread) to the distance shader by putting the cloning object into the shader effector selection (see screenshot: Shader Effector)

3:What should the values in XYZ at the Shader Parameter (see screenshot: Shader Parameter) affect?

4:Is the way how to setup the distance shader right (see screenshot: setup distance shader1+2)? How should the Near color and Far color affect?

Best und thanks, Katharina

2021-03-19, 18:42:02
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Hi Katharina,

I am not using SurfaceSPREAD anymore, but I attached a file made with the Cloner and the distance shader, maybe it can help you nonetheless.

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