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Regular render Is faster to initiate than Interactive (Itoo Forest Involved)

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So the thing is that on production scenes with lots of forest objects the Scene parsing becomes slow, im talking 1+m to start. I guess this is happening to most of the artists working with forest and corona, I have tried Vray3.6 and for the scene parsing it just seems Faster, way faster. Unfortunately Cant try the same scene or a newer vray on this topic but sure some one else can do that comparison.
For me its super frustrating when this starts to happen, its always the combination with forest and the interactive is no longer usable

On a medium size scene the  times start to show
Regular render time to start the rendering process : 52 Seconds
Interactive render time to start the rendering process : 58 Seconds
On bigger scenes this time  gets bigger between the two

Also looked at another topic about itoo forest and corona regarding some implementation to get faster meshes out but there is no response for that topic too..
i can see on trello something about Rewrite of the parsing for the interactive rendering, but its not on v8 so far..
I just have access to vray 3.6 and the starting times are way faster than corona.

I really hope this conversation can take off, starting times and interactive performance is one of the Key points for a good workflow for me.

This conversations should be taken into account:*)/fpp-corona-animated-proxies-and-scene-parsingprep-time/

Scene Uploaded, called Ir vs Normal
Attached is a test from Itoo developer showing the time spent for different scenarios, here Corona Loses is slower 15x to 39x times compared to vray.

Hi, did the devs see the uploaded scene ?

Hi, sorry for the delay, we will return to you ASAP.

Duplicate of

I tried to mention the issue of agent rendering speed and viewport preview speed in the general discussion of CR8, but no one responded to me. I have been analyzing the issue of rendering CR responsiveness in my scenes with their team in the FP forum, and it is nice to see someone bring it up. Whether 'GetRenderMesh' still affects the FPS speed of viewport backgrounds. This is a very useful question for dealing with large scenes, which I couldn't test because they gave me an answer: using the V-Ray agent, 'GetRenderMesh' is very fast because it returns a simplified mesh for the viewport.

Instead, Corona computes and returns the full grid stored in the agent, a process that takes a lot of time.

I tested the same object with the same number of faces, the FPS value can vary by 5%-10%, the more the number, the greater the difference


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