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Anyone else suddenly seeing Fault Tolerant Heap issues?

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Anyone else suddenly seeing Fault Tolerant Heap issues?

Might have triggered since a windows update, or perhaps since we moved up to 2022/Corona 7.

Going through the usual helpdesk suggestions of excluding 3dsmax.exe from FHT list, but would be good to know if anyone else is having this issue suddenly.


I am not aware of any increase in user reports about this.
This is a Windows feature and it basically means that 3ds Max or some related process is constantly crashing for you. The best idea would be probably to find out the root cause of the original crash. To do it:
- disable FTH completely -
- when 3ds Max crashes, capture a minidump and send it to us (this can be done regardless if the Autodesk error reporting window pops up or not) -

Thanks Maru. We're keeping an eye on this.

We're just getting loads of weird crashes/close-to-desktop and we're stumped as to why. 2022.2 doesn't solve it. Certain scenes open ok but once you start navigating viewport they die to desktop without a crash window. Sometimes files then fail to open again, and have to be merged back in to a fresh scene. This is with/without Compress on Save so that doesn't seem to be affecting it.

We're trying to narrow it down if it's a particular plugin causing the issue, or maybe nvidia drivers, or a Windows Update maybe.

If you have a scene where this is happening consistently, feel free to send it over. If we are able to reproduce the crashes, we may be able to run it through some kind of debugger and find out what exactly is responsible for that.

Hi Maru,

We're somewhat narrowing it down to possibly being related to Garbage Collection maaaaybe. Sometimes opening a scene will trigger a GC error popup and the file then crashes to desktop, other times it opens just fine. This is with and without upping the maxscript Initial Heap Allocation, so that's not helping much/at all. It may or may not also be related to multiple max instances being open at the same time.

We have a couple of scenes that seem problematic at least but in reality the whole studio is experiencing this issue across all sorts of scenes. This is with 2022.1 and 2022.2 as well.

What's the best way to share some test files with you?

Thanks so much as always.


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