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I stumbled over a nasty bug when working with vdbs.
the Corona Volume Grid object changes the file path to the .VDB when saving the project using "save with assets".
This way it is almost impossible to render vdbs on a render farm.
It would be better if you did not change the file path in any means. Just leave it and let the user take care of relative or absolute paths.
The second problem is, that the emission, absorbtion, scattering, settings are reset to default, when no vdb is found. Unfortunately this is always the case when opening the saved scene, because of the previous path changes.

It would be great if you could have a look.

I removed my comment because unfortunately, I read your question wrong and the answer would not be of any use. We will look into this further and let you know our findings.

After some further tests, we also agree that this is incorrect and it has been logged internally. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

For internal use: (Internal ID=756278333)

oh, that was fast. :-)
thanks a lot

there is another issue with the Volume Grid and renderfarms.
Logically, a render farm separates all images into individual chunks and let each node render some frames. Node1 is rendering frame 0-5, node2: 6-10 an so on.
The problem is, that the Volume Grid is loading the VDBs in some sort of lazy-loading. That leads to the problem that the node starts rendering, but the VDBs are not loaded. The result is always that the first frame is rendered without VDB. In this example it is frame 0, 6, 11...
The Corona Volume Grid should prevent the node from rendering until all is loaded.


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