Author Topic: RC2 is more slower than RC1 on animation rendering  (Read 1730 times)

2016-11-12, 13:31:19


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We have an aninmation scene here and we just finished testing it with RC2

it looks like RC2 is 3 times more slower than RC1 . Before every frame needed 2 hours for rendering now it needs 6 hours :\

1)RC2 render clients  need more long time for downloading assets process on team render

2)We realized that every pass needs min 80 seconds on RC2. On this same scene  , only 30 second was enough for every pass  before with RC1

We reinstalled rc1 again I think we can live witouth bloom and glare effect :)

Kind Regards

2017-04-05, 19:41:50
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Hi and thanks for the report! Can you tell us a little bit more about the bug? For example, does this slowdown happen only on the TR clients or does it happen even when you only render on one computer? Also, a lot has changed since the time when you reported this, so is the slowdown still so bad even in newer versions?

Thank you again and sorry for the late response!