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Hi guys does any one know how can we set white balance more than 10000 k ? cuz when we try cinema cam white balance limit is clamp max 10000 

what is the solution for this ?

Gallery / First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-02, 08:49:49 »
This is our first animation test with Corona and all rendered with RC1
We know some scenes has mistakes we will fix them in next days
Corona still needs little more polishing about animation rendering but to be honnest this render engine is the best I ever worked before especially with this kind of complicated and not optimised architectural scenes
For interior renderings We used only sun and sky with a heavy outdor environment witouth any optimising but Shadow and Ligth details are still very impressive...
I hope you like
Kind Regards

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / RC3 4 times slower than RC1
« on: 2016-12-01, 12:04:29 »
We tested again and the result is same

All problems that I described before in this topic,13872.0.html           is still here

I attached two picture that you can see how rc3 is slower than rc1

Kind Regards

We have an aninmation scene here and we just finished testing it with RC2

it looks like RC2 is 3 times more slower than RC1 . Before every frame needed 2 hours for rendering now it needs 6 hours :\

1)RC2 render clients  need more long time for downloading assets process on team render

2)We realized that every pass needs min 80 seconds on RC2. On this same scene  , only 30 second was enough for every pass  before with RC1

We reinstalled rc1 again I think we can live witouth bloom and glare effect :)

Kind Regards

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / RC2 is not usable again....
« on: 2016-11-11, 19:55:43 »
Hi corona team again :(

1) Bloom and glare is not work when you open your last recent project and hit directly render. You have to open corona VBF or you must play some parameters on post effects for refreshing

2) Team render freezes all post effects parameters it means we cannot use them in animation rendering

3) When we  cancel the render it crashes randomly  especially if we use denoise

4) Legacy Xref objects are not usable anymore whit new RC1 and RC2 (They are still very usefull if you or your team are working on  very heavy and complicated architectural projects)

5) When I writing this Bug post Corona RC2 is still rendering  and sometimes it is very hard to use windows it is very slow I can not move the mouse :))

We really love Corona! and I hope we will be a good customer for them on future :)  To be honnest we delivered a lot of good project with using old corona releases  but After Alpha 4.1 last corona

Alpha releases are a little disappointment for us....

I hope in future corona team can pay more attention to developing Corona C4D  as possible as they are making like for 3Ds Max now

Kind Regards

Teamrender is stopping unexpectedly after some time witout any reason

But it seems  like C4D is  still vorking on taskmanager.

On the other hand Corona color mapping seems like it is working with team render but after all clients joining the render it is not working 

Team Render cannot render the textures of legacy Xref object

Legacy xref objects are very importand for complex scenes I hope it will be fixed next version

Best regards

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Team Render Brighter lines on image
« on: 2016-04-27, 14:04:11 »
We have 27 computer in our studio and all of them have same equipment
same(gosthed) windows. We are uptating their windows every week at the same time. Their IP adresses are different only.

When we trynig TR , some of our client machines crashed and after this crash one machine has interesting problem :) it occurs brigter lines on the render if we use it as a client for a still image render.

You can see example picture as an attachment

   Hi we have been testing team render after A5.1 release

Now when we not using multipass team render looks working.

It renders too dark image only but when we set the gamma 2.2 in picture viewer image looks same

on the other hand when the render start everything looks normal but when passes are increasing at the same time RAM usage is increasing and not stoping until all ram finishing and after that machine(server) is stopping to render pass we are not sure other clients continue rendering or not

Generally it is easy to render still image with team render uisng not a complex scenes it can render it witouth finishing the Ram limit but when we use complex scenes Main machine wery early stopped and render is very slow

Another interesting thing is C4d cannot purge the memory when we stopped the render  and closing the project also not helped us only we must close C4d aplication than windosw uses Ram normally

[C4D] General Discussion / A5 memory problem
« on: 2016-04-07, 15:53:07 »
After we used A5 for test renderings cinema couldnt purge the memory we closed all files but it still using a lot of memory

is there any way to use realtime color mapping in this new version ?

[C4D] General Discussion / A4.1 Bump and normal map
« on: 2015-11-13, 23:36:25 »
What is the default bump map value ? in A3 %10 was enough generally but this version need more than %200 

Does anybody know that  where is the normal map chanel ?

Thanks for your effort

[C4D] General Discussion / 2 Side material
« on: 2015-05-14, 14:58:56 »
Hi all

is there any possibility to make a 2 side material on corona ?

we are using opacity chanel but it can not gives good result  :\

hi all
We tried many times today but all team render clients says missing plugin corona :(
We know that corona can not support team render for still image rendering
is this  situation same when we try to use team render server for multi frame animation via teamrender clients ?

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