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last version of daily built is crashing always in all simple scenes also

we fall back now 11-27

Kind Regards

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Beta Tomorrow?
« on: 2017-10-03, 18:10:25 »
Hi Ondra Of course I am not trying to demotivate developers [...]

Thanks for your thoughts, Olcay!

Don't worry, we're not demotivated :-) Quite the contrary, actually. We are finishing the Interactive Rendering project, which cost us a lot of effort and which has stalled the development of the plugin for some time now, so good times are ahead of us! But you can surely understand that if there is some type of negative comments over and over again, it can make us sad for a moment and that's what made Ondra so jumpy.

I understand your concerns and I know it can be frustrating to see the same bugs reappear or not be fixed, but as said before, we concentrated our efforts on IR now and couldn't do much else. We will be able to do some bug fixing now, especially with the help of you guys, the awesome Corona community. I personally am always very grateful for every single bug report, because it helps us discover stuff that we might never come across. Believe it or not, we don't use C4D so much as you do guys, so it's easier for you to spot a bug than for us.

About the merger with VRay - there already has been a lot of words being said about that. Let me just say one thing - all the fears and worries are kind of understandable, but only time can prove them wrong, so bear with us, please!

Don't worry, you were not really offensive, just unconstructive, I'd say. But this longer post that you wrote is actually a better way to share your worries and thoughts, so thank you for it! Olcay, please DO write here again! :-)


Cestmir Houska

Thank you for your kindly answer :) 

you are guessing that we spend our every day with Corona like you , and of course we have some positive and negative thoughts on this issue. if it is not problem   I would like to share my thoughts with you all the time :D

another think abouth merger with vray is ok  we will see  as you said only time can show us what will happen in future and I hope I am wrong  in my guess 

Good luck for developing and as you know we are here for any helping

and next time please dont make any test with  only one cube and one light on the scene :DD  I can sen to you more complex ones :D

Kind Regards


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Beta Tomorrow?
« on: 2017-10-03, 17:40:52 »
It is not that we do not want to see anything negative, it was just the way it looked (or the way I understood it) - that c4d will be always behind. Lets illustrate with difference between these two sentences:
1) You did the job poorly
2) You will never do the job right

The first one might be very direct and harsh, but it is just a fact. The second one - that is just offensive and demotivating. I understood your message as the second one, even though it might not be your intention

it was not my intention but I hope you got my message....
I dont want to harsh I want to help and we are ready for help
 those all what I write my real feelings now  Maybe I must choose another words I dont know but they are real...

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Beta Tomorrow?
« on: 2017-10-03, 17:02:42 »
Thanks for your effort guys but looks like c4d users will still be min 10 step behind from  3dsmax users  :\ 
are you trying to actively demotivate our developers? Because you are doing good job at it :/. I see how hard they are working every day to beat the C4D APi, which was never designed to support additional renderers. I can only imagine how demotivating must such messages be :/.

I see many people complaining how are 3dsmax renderers better integrated, not just corona. They usually see some conspiration of developers behind it. The sad reality is that C4D API is just worse than 3dsmax API. Integrating any renderer in C4D is just harder, takes longer, and is more limited.

Hi Ondra Of course I am not trying to demotivate developers  unlike we are((we: me and my company))  always ready for help  as I said before here and also as I did before
Many times we sended emails for this reason maybe  developers need more heavy and complex sceenes for testing here we have tthousands of complex scenees  we said if you need we can send them also but nobody did not want us to do something... So if I am writing here like those kind of words is it because we are lositng our motivation to using Corona daily 
if you can look our webside you will see that last 2 years we did many sucsessfull jobs with using Corona... I means we really want to use Corona in our all works  in future also . After all that if you really believe I am trying to demotivate developers? and than maybe you can contact with me via by my email maybe I can find a way to change your mind :)) 

Before many times in this forum I said we realy love corona and we are still happy with it .But you must accept that especially last one year(after aplha5) developing "corona for C4D" was little slower than before. we not started to use this render engine one week ago :) so we can understand the differences between developing process. We sended a lot of time bug report area or here bugs about corona but those bugs  are still with us and sometimes with some daily releases it is more worse then before.... Every morning our first job is looking daily page and refreshing it maybe there is a new version...After trying new versions I think it is very normal  if we are sad about when we realise that those "bugs" still not fixed... Believe me last one year we(me and some of another CG artists aroound me) was feeling this sadness all the time. On the other hand,  another thing that upsets us is that we learned that "vray" bought "corona" So a lot of CG artist around me here started to think that Corona will die in future . I can not say that I did not justify them, because if a program in the CG community buys another program, the purchased program has never been good for the future. It was always what happened in the past, please correct me if I think wrong.

So... After those kind of negative thoughts  it is very normal to write here some of my negative words but  I apologize if my words were very offensive to others.....
if you say "Olcay" please do not write anything here again. I can keep my mouth closed forever :). But please take note of what we have said above because we have been using this program for a long time and planing to use it as well So after this moment maybe Developers can decide to test Corona not only with themselves but also with our help..  And than maybe we can put here more and usefull releases...

For now this is all What I want to say 

Thanks for your effort

Kind Regars


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Beta Tomorrow?
« on: 2017-10-03, 12:27:37 »
Thanks for your effort guys but looks like c4d users will still be min 10 step behind from  3dsmax users  :\ 

looks like this need a lot of work to do

this release is not usable for us now  we will cam back to the last version

Kind Regards

there are 70 views but no answer :D

of couse this badge can only come to my lead :D

Hi guys does any one know how can we set white balance more than 10000 k ? cuz when we try cinema cam white balance limit is clamp max 10000 

what is the solution for this ?

Gallery / Re: First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-07, 11:07:14 »
Great animation! There are some pretty geometry heavy shots in some scenes - what's your RAM usage look like? I assume you used quite a few proxies to get this done?

Thanks for your good comments Guys 


This project used abouth 45 GB ram and yes ofcourse I used  a lot of proxies :)

Gallery / Re: First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-02, 15:41:05 »
Hey, that's really nice! I like the sense of depth in it!

What polishing about animation rendering do you mean specifically? Is it about rendering time, or antialiasing, or UHD Cache, or maybe something else?

The bar stools in the water are a kick ass idea! :D

Thanks Maru

polising abouth animation with antialiasing and swiming noise problem . And sometimes sone reflections have some little flicker like a sun beam 

exept those things we are happy with the result

have a nice weekend

Gallery / Re: First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-02, 12:40:11 »
I like the overall scenes, natural. Congrats for having those cool projects and renders :)
Only the grasses looks a bit saturated i think, doesnt it?
And i enjoyed the music too!

Yeah you are rigth but it was client wish :/  they want to see that all grasses must be very green :D

maybe we can fix it in future for our porfolio 

Kind regards

Gallery / First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-02, 08:49:49 »
This is our first animation test with Corona and all rendered with RC1
We know some scenes has mistakes we will fix them in next days
Corona still needs little more polishing about animation rendering but to be honnest this render engine is the best I ever worked before especially with this kind of complicated and not optimised architectural scenes
For interior renderings We used only sun and sky with a heavy outdor environment witouth any optimising but Shadow and Ligth details are still very impressive...
I hope you like
Kind Regards

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: RC3 4 times slower than RC1
« on: 2016-12-01, 17:50:50 »
have you revised your scene?
do you have a test/sample scene available for others to test?

if you did nothing, a note: often times old settings can disturb & don't fare well with new changes... comes from advice: do not update or switch to new engine while still working on a project

also try to be more thorough in reports, describing problems in detail
think of it, as a forensic scientist... you are an investigator of a bugged scene

tho, thanks for the notice

Thanks for your advise Burnin But I am not a begginer user :)

we tested all things as possible as we can here and we are using daily build also.

after RC1 everthing was not bad except bloom and glare  but  RC2 and RC3 have  interesting problems that we shared in mantis bug tracker with details

only bloom and glare should not be big problem for  rendering we thought

for testing we optimised we changed scenens so results are the same

we are making animation rendering here and we understand that if we use lot of assets in scene like materials and textures especially dowloading assets prosess is very long and passes time is long also as you see 

So when we waiting solution fixing from programers we decided to share this problem cuz it is still have after RC2

Kind Regards

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / RC3 4 times slower than RC1
« on: 2016-12-01, 12:04:29 »
We tested again and the result is same

All problems that I described before in this topic,13872.0.html           is still here

I attached two picture that you can see how rc3 is slower than rc1

Kind Regards

We have an aninmation scene here and we just finished testing it with RC2

it looks like RC2 is 3 times more slower than RC1 . Before every frame needed 2 hours for rendering now it needs 6 hours :\

1)RC2 render clients  need more long time for downloading assets process on team render

2)We realized that every pass needs min 80 seconds on RC2. On this same scene  , only 30 second was enough for every pass  before with RC1

We reinstalled rc1 again I think we can live witouth bloom and glare effect :)

Kind Regards

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / RC2 is not usable again....
« on: 2016-11-11, 19:55:43 »
Hi corona team again :(

1) Bloom and glare is not work when you open your last recent project and hit directly render. You have to open corona VBF or you must play some parameters on post effects for refreshing

2) Team render freezes all post effects parameters it means we cannot use them in animation rendering

3) When we  cancel the render it crashes randomly  especially if we use denoise

4) Legacy Xref objects are not usable anymore whit new RC1 and RC2 (They are still very usefull if you or your team are working on  very heavy and complicated architectural projects)

5) When I writing this Bug post Corona RC2 is still rendering  and sometimes it is very hard to use windows it is very slow I can not move the mouse :))

We really love Corona! and I hope we will be a good customer for them on future :)  To be honnest we delivered a lot of good project with using old corona releases  but After Alpha 4.1 last corona

Alpha releases are a little disappointment for us....

I hope in future corona team can pay more attention to developing Corona C4D  as possible as they are making like for 3Ds Max now

Kind Regards

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