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Title: Layered Material / ID Masks
Post by: shoebu23 on 2021-10-20, 14:24:41

Apologies if this is covered, but kind of dug around and didn't get a clear answer unfortunately.

Layered Materials / ID Masks
How can I create a render pass (like ID Masks) where I can mask each layer of a layered material via the masks within the material.  A prime example is intricate labels on high-end bottles where I have metallics, spot colors, varnishes..etc in each mask.  Simply looking how to have it broken up so I can tweak layers in PSD when clients get picky.

Title: Re: Layered Material / ID Masks
Post by: pokoy on 2021-10-20, 14:53:42
If I remember correctly, the mask render element doesn't pick up individual IDs from layered materials, only from the base mtl, so afaik there's no way to get 'automatic' masks from textures when using the LayeredMtl.

So let's say you Base Mtl has ID1, your Label Mtl (applied with a mask texture) has ID2 - the mask RE will not show ID2 masked accordingly to the texture mask.
Not sure about BlendMtl... you could test this one, but this one is quite finicky with many layers.