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Corona Shader Ball

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--- Quote from: beanzvision on 2018-07-27, 15:39:31 ---
--- Quote from: Eddoron on 2018-07-20, 01:59:37 ---So, here's V3.5

I'd be happy if you used it in a tutorial. Just post the video here.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for your permission, I might just take you up on that. ;)

--- End quote ---

Well, it's not mine. I just added stuff.

BTW Here's the FBX

Thanks for putting this together! I'm unable to find the scale controls, though. Am I missing something or has that function been removed?



Scale can be controlled per material in bitmap loader nodes or per object with UVWxform modifier.

Thanks. Does that adjust bump and displacement height accordingly? Sorry if this seems rudimentary, I'm getting back into C4D after a long hiatus due entirely to how much I like Corona and there are many things I need to catch up on. I appreciate your time.


I thought you're asking about 3ds Max. I think you'll better ask this in C4D board: There's more chance to get the answer from pro user or support staff.


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