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OK guys, here is the Shader Ball scene that I promised to share. I was just waiting for A2 to be released.
As mentioned before, the original design is from Ludvik Koutny. I modeled it from an image I saw at the Corona's website and made the scene setup. I asked his permission to use his design and to share the scene with the community.
The HDRI used here is free and from:
It's in C4D format and was built in R16.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Shader Ball V1.1 C4D File:
Corona Logo:

Shader Ball V2.0
The Shader Ball scene was updated to V2.0 and I produced a video explaining how to use the new features.
It was built in C4D R17 and Corona A6.
C4D file:
FBX file:

Can you show what it looks like when textured (some wood/brick for example)?


--- Quote from: maru on 2015-05-11, 12:25:25 ---Can you show what it looks like when textured (some wood/brick for example)?

--- End quote ---
I added a wooden floor material render to the 1st post.

Thanks, I just wanted to see how it is mapped. Looks pretty ok. It's really hard to uvw-map such objects, maybe it's not perfect here, but looks really good.

Thanks for the shaderball pBarrelas, looks good.

Out of interest I noticed in the render settings you'd cranked the Highlight compression to 5 and upped the contrast. Is this something you regularly do with scenes rendered with Corona?


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