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ThinFilm texmap plugin

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After painful researches at last I release a ThinFilm texmap plugin stable version.

Plugin is free for personal or commercial use. Download:

Fantastic, thanks for making it free!

Nice ,
not many cases where it can be used, but it is good addition to corona renderer.
Maybe sooner or later, someone will make the dispersion like this ;)

btw,  strange but looks like doesn't working (in max 2014)

johan belmans:
Looks likes it is almost Christmas :-)


--- Quote from: SHD on 2015-05-07, 13:41:51 ---btw,  strange but looks like doesn't working (in max 2014)

--- End quote ---

Yes, the plugin (absence of mind) was compiled from older test back-up project and not fixed color calculation alpha channel. Uploaded the fixed version. Excuse for inconvenience.


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