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There is a guy who will start implementation of Corona into 1 new 3D package immediately as a bachelor thesis assignment. Since Maya will be hopefully handled by the OpenMaya project, and there won't be Corona for Blender, we don't know what software to do next. There is a poll, but its results are completely skewed by some raid of C4D users from Russia. So I would like to ask for your opinion on what software would be most suitable.

Our criteria are

* Free/very cheap licence and SDK for university students
* Wide user base in need of a realistic renderer
* General good health of the package (is fast, capable of production work, active development, generally bug-free, ...)
* Ease-of-use of the application for end users
* Reasonable C++ API
* Plenty of documentation/example implementations of plugins
* Official support for developers (e.g. discussion forums)
Our candidates are

* Modo
* Cinema 4D
* Softimage
I am not making a poll this time (since it would only result in another raid), but I would like to ask the active Corona users for their input on the matter - ideally a statement WHY is one software better/worse candidate.


Ludvik Koutny:
Softimage is certainly the least interesting candidate for several reasons:

- It is strongly VFX/Animation based software, and that is the area where Corona still lacks a lot of proper solutions and features.

- The community is not that large

- They have very good integration with Arnold, and i do not think we want to go in war with Arnold at this time

I would prefer Modo, as it is more Viz oriented software, while C4D seems to be aimed more at motion graphics. Also, Modo's pricing policy is a bit more reasonable than C4D's, and Modo is overall really great software but lacks a good renderer.

Unfortunatelly, i have no idea which of the two is more 3rd party renderer friendly.

i think there is a lot of users for cinema4D especially that the next release will be a great combination with the next Aftereffects cs7 and it's a great thing for motion designers and 3d artists; so i can imagine corona renderer profiting of this big advantage of the next cinema4d that will grab  a lot more users.

I also think that Cinema4D is the best choice - It's the most intelligent choice:
- many users interested in a fast archviz renderer
- many users pissed by the current available solutions for c4d
- maya/softimage have both special groups of users which imho need more fx capabilities.

For me, it's not a very difficult decision, especially for a commercial product.

I also think that C4D integration would be the most logical choice. Softimage is (as previously stated) more geared towards VFX and Modo already has a very strong render engine that is pretty similar to Corona. Cinema 4D also has the biggest userbase out of the three alternatives so it's logically the best choice.

However speaking out of pure "want" I would say that Modo is deserving of another render engine :)


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