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Single i7 4770k @ 4.4ghz vs. Dual Xeon X5650 machine


As the topic title says, I got an i7 4770k OC-d to 4.4 Ghz at the moment but I am looking over ebay for some X5650 Xeons to create myself a render node for Corona at home.

Each Xeon X5650 has 6 physical cores (12 with logical cores - HT) which are clocked at 2.66Ghz by default but I would probably get them close to 3.5 or even 4 Ghz on my dual socket 1366 EVGA SR-2 motherboard that I got last week coupled with two Corsair AIO watercoolers - all mounted in some older IBM tower server case that I have found in my garage :D

As I see it, even if those processors are not some new stuff, it would be a relatively cheap option for some pretty good render power for home, personal projects.

Anyway, does anyone have some numbers on how fast would the render be on that 12/24 cores machine compared to a single i7 4770k? I have found some results under benchmark but as I figured those show results for only 1 processor? Or am I wrong?

This one may partly answer some of your questions:,4203.0.html


--- Quote from: crazyman on 2014-08-21, 11:04:23 ---This one may partly answer some of your questions:,4203.0.html

--- End quote ---

Thank you crazyman :)


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