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Surface Scattering - Distribution based on a Distance Shader with nested objects



I'm using a Distance shader inside the Chaos Scatter - Surface Scattering - Distribution as a mask to control the scattering. After some troubles everything is working right, but it appears to be a problem for the viewport update process, if the objects that are used inside the Distance shader (Distance from ...) are nested / childs of each other, if they are polygon objects (?) Sorry, if that doesn't sound right - I've attached a test scene where it is quite obvious what I meant. If I move the Null (dist_objs), the viewport updates immediately. If I move the first object (dist_obj), it is the same. But moving only the second polygon object (dist_obj_child), nothing happens with the Scatter object. After re-enabling the Scatter it is back to normal. Don't know if this is something relevant or important, but it is something that happens. Even though it doesn't affect the outcome afterall.


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Hi, thanks for the test scene. I can also confirm this happening and have reported it.
(Report ID=CC4D-704)


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