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The Betrayal : the new Chaos price list.

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​Hi there,
i'm using Corona for years now, and feel betrayed about new Chaos price list.

I was affraid when Chaos bought Render Legion to see a monopolistic company emerged from this acquisition. I'm not disappointed.

What else than a monopolistic company can increase its price from 88% in a single email ?

Yes +88% : from 418.80€ a year for 1 WS + 3 nodes licence, to 787.68€ in Premium + 2 nodes now.

So +88% for less.

When I see the home page of Corona : "affordable".

Are you kidding ? You are anything but affordable.

And what did we get for this increase ?

Chaos Cosmos that helps but with hundreds of bad models from Enscape without any use for high quality rendering.
Chaos Phenix, I dont need it
Chaos Player neither
​Chaos Scans I never used and mostly never will.

All I need is an affordable render to run on 1 workstation + 2 nodes I bough years ago.
As a freelancer for a decade now, life can be hard and you don't help anymore. I feel so betrayed.

We can say that Central Europe is now as capitalistic as US : congrats guys.​

If you have a Premium +3 nodes license from keeping a subscription active from before Corona 8, while the price changes to the new Premium price, you do still have the +3 render nodes. So long as the subscription renews without interruption, those +3 nodes stay there, even if the price of the Premium changes.

Ok, good to know for me the time being (how long...) but it doesnt change the fact and the abuse of dominant position that Chaos demonstrate.

Chaos is the worst thing that happened to Corona, they already made the Corona unusable for hobby / occasional users, when they rised the price ridiculously some time ago now they doing it again. This is horrible, I have a full Adobe software line for what Corona cost monthly.

Yes I totally agree...


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