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texture maps for distribution and other settings not working

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Am I right to see that noise distribution is per surface and not per square setting ?

I noticed that large surfaces do not interact well with the distribution/scale (noise)maps. I don't see any effect in the viewport (like boxes reshuffling ) when I try to edit and rescale noise maps like dents that work well on smaller areas.

I wonder how scatter uses these maps, at what scale relative to the surface they are projected on. I would love to have better control of density and shapes of density in terms of scale and distribution of scattered instances. Somehow I am not getting any noticeable effect on larger fields of grass and wildflowers (20x50 meters for instance) that otherwise get great results on smaller areas. I have only tried rescaled noise maps so far like 200% dents and so on.
Maybe a little more info in detail on how these maps work inside CR would help.

After some more experimenting I found that best is to add a UV tag to a surface before applying a material with a cubic mapping. Once a UV tag is applied the Scatter noise and image maps for distribution will simply fit on the chosen surface. Iow stretch to fit. That's works. You can't scale maps by percentage or dimensions.


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