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I´m looking for a new PC. What´s your thoughts about the config below? How does the Xeon W9 compare to the threadripper´s?

HP Z8 TWR Base Unit G5 1450W 200V/10A Fury RCTO

Intel Xeon W9-3495X 56C 350W CPU
256GB(8x32GB) DDR5 4800 DIMM ECC REG Mem
ZTrb 2TB PCIe 2280 OPAL2 TLC M.2 SSD


Here is big review for all you might ask:

Pugetsystem is smaller OEM integrator which can build you both Intel and AMD workstation. From big 4, probably only Lenovo has both as well, while HP and IBM are probably Xeon only.

In short:
- Threadripper is still faster in multi-threaded workflow, and even consumes less power.
- Xeon SPR is faster in single-core, makes for smoother workflow experience, BUT, for some reason, single-thread working in Adobe applications will be still faster on AMD. This is surprisingly mysterious.
- Xeon has PCI 5.0 and DDR 5.0. Since both platforms cost the same when you buy them from OEM (as opposed to building yourself), I consider Intel to be the better option, today. If Threadripper 7xxxx (pro or non-pro) comes out next few months...well, that will make the AMD clear winner once again.

Ultimately, perhaps look who gives you the best price from OEM integrators. Both machines will be very capable, so I would try to get a good deal. Remember, with integrators like Lenovo or Dell, you can call them on telephone like in 1990 and ask for discount and actually get it, it's bizare. Ignore the website pricing. Never buy special warranty they will try to automatically give you, Dell is super funny with this in particular.

Disclaimer: I am sponsored in some way by Intel, but I've been self-building PC for like 15 years, and advising people on this forum for decade. I have no special interest to promote one option over other, I don't get affiliations :- ) Just some free PCs.

Thanx Juraj!

The company I work for only use HP as vendor, so I guess it will be Xeon then. But good to read that Intel is catching up in performance on AMD.

My machine now have 2x Xeon Gold 6226R, so the performance hit should be radical, or?


Yes you will double both your rendering performance and the single-task work speed.

Make sure to use high-performance, or ultimate performance power-mode in Windows. For Xeons it makes very big difference.

finally I got the HP computer after a long wait. But I´m having big problems to make it run with Windows 11. Either with a clean instal or with our company's image-file.

It´s running but slow as hell...

What about you Juraj? Are you on W10 or W11?



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