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PC vs Macbook Pro for rendering speed

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Going by price, i can see a Macbook Pro Apple M2 Max for around £3500 on the internet. You could get an intel i9 13900HX with 64GB RAM and NVidia RTX 4090 for £2778. The Cinebench R23 single and multicore scores for the Intel (13900K desktop version) are quite a bit better than the M2 Max. The laptop version won't be much slower than the desktop.

Some interesting Cinebench R23 scores can be seen here or     Most PC and Mac CPUs are listed on these. When speccing my PCs, i usually have this website open and have a custom PC website open at the same time, to see what is the most affordable for my budget and modelling/rendering needs.

Thanks for that info, it has me thinking now...
I really have my heart set on converting to Apple as all my other devices are Apple.
Will definitely look into this a bit more before making a final decision!

As long as you will have powerful windows desktop or use cloud services to render bigger final images, you will be fine.

Contemporary Intel and AMD laptops are roughly 2X faster in multithreaded rendering, but they only got that fast in last year, before that, M1/2 architecture decimated everything.
Also, the big Windows workstation laptops are heavy and loud machines, while Macbook is beautiful, still very thin thing.

If you want to get Macbook, get Macbook. It's not purely rational decision, you need to enjoy working on the machine and if your heart is set you would just be dissapointed by else.

Thanks, I appreciate the honesty.


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