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How to create a rendering like this? i tried to replicate it but mine looks flat


My rendering looks very flat as compared to the one I am referring. I need to upskill please guide me how to create rendering like this

I would focus first on the lights, the reference one has shaprer shadows, then you need to work your shaders, the reference has higher glossiness materials.

The main ingredient is parameter "light directionality" but for spotlights you can simply use IES that have strong directionality already embedded in their profile.
That will ensure light will not diffuse too much before it hits the targed. In interior, that will create dramatic effect of strongly lit surface from above, and dark from sides.

Of course, the overall balance, and multitude of photographic tricks also play a role, but, directionality is important start.

can you help me more regarding this? how will i make sure that my ies has strong directionality?

Just try them :- ) The effect is quite obvious. But if you have previews of some IES package, they look "vertical/narrow".
Corona I think comes with some.


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