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Strange transform gizmo's behavior while mouse pointer is nearby



I have some problem with the transform gizmo - it changes orientation while I have my mouse pointer on it. Please, check the attached video, you can clearly see it there. It happens when multiple objects/subobjects or closed group is selected. Disorientation of the gizmo is not connected with orientation of the objects and it looks the same as on video no matter how the selected objects oriented. It happens if the reference coordinate system set to View. It happens not always, but I didn't notice anything what can cause this problem.
It's pretty annoying when I can't "catch" the axis along which I'd like to transform my objects. The same happens with rotate and scale gizmos.

I didn't find anything like this in net, would be interesting to know what it could be connected with.

Max 2023.3, Win 10

I have been having this exact issue since upgrading to 2023 a few months ago, It's so annoying!

I have also been talking to Autodesk about the ui drop down menus becoming different sizes/ locations if I have anything open on my 2nd monitor (curve editor, material editor etc). Seems to be because I have a 4k and a 1920x1080 monitor and 2023 is having an issue with the different sizes and upscaling - I have had this setup for many years though and it's not been an issue so it's a max23 problem I think. I just put the gizmo behaviour down to that. Hopefully someone else has a solution though, I will keep an eye on this thread.

Max 2023.3, win 11

I believe this is related to the 3ds Max "use center" option -


--- Quote from: maru on 2023-04-12, 17:35:39 ---I believe this is related to the 3ds Max "use center" option -

--- End quote ---

Thank you Maru. Yes, switching to Use Pivot Point Center helps to avoid this gizmo behavior, and it could be ok in most of the cases when it is about moving, but for rotation and scaling the difference between Use Pivot Point Center and Use Selection Center is critical, so for most of the cases for rotation and scaling switching to Use Pivot Point Center is not the suitable solution.

Jamesdowling, I have 4K monitor too, who knows, maybe it connected with this. I published the same kind of post on Autodesk forum (, but still didn't get any replies there.

It just doesn't make sense for the gizmo to switch orientation like this, I guess it has to be a Max bug then.


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