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Corona install on Max 2024? Anyone try?

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I moved the topic to the general discussion board. MAX board is about discussing Corona for Max, not the Max itself :]

Regarding colour management, i remember how difficult and confusing it was for me to switch to linear workflow, i'm afraid that adopting colour management can 10 times more difficult. I have literally zero understanding about colour management and even less desire to learn it :[ Hopefully it won't be forced on users and analphabetics like me will be able to stick to their ancient workflows.

I was trying to ask about using Corona in the new max... if anyone has tried to install Corona.  Sorry for my badly worded question.  - hardleft121

So... any news on a new update for Corona to work with Max 2024?

Hello, I installed the latest daily build from corona on 3dsmax2024 and it works but I haven't done intense testing. however, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

New Boolean mod is pretty sweet. Just better in every way from initial testing. Nice to be able to nest objects in folders and switch stuff on and off. Much more robust as well.


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