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Can't resize cosmos assets

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Quick question here, just recently i downloaded vray to give it a try and notice the assets  from  vray cosmo are resizable just by using the transform tool. The corona version is not resizable, at least on my machine either on mac or windows. The only way to resize the asset is by converting to mesh. Also notice on the video attached that it is very possible to resize by using the transform tool.

Could this be a bug ou a setting issue?

Latest daily release on mac and windows.



Did you try this? ;)

Switching from Model mode to Object mode works for me. The only downside to scaling this way is it doesn't affect any instances if you rescale after creating the instances.


--- Quote from: Beanzvision on 2023-03-21, 15:11:21 ---Did you try this? ;)

--- End quote ---

That way does work but is not very practical and like Cambridge said, it doesn't work with instances.

You can see in the videos @ 1:20 min it used to work and it stopped at some point, it would be great to bring back that.

Hi guys, a simple XPresso tag should help here as a workaround. Now in object mode, scaling the proxy will also scale the instance. ;)


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