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Just wondered if anyone had played around with much success with MJv5 for creating seamless textures?

I just had a quick play by adding "--tile" to the end of the prompt, which apparently turns your prompt into a seamless tile.

The only downside I can see currently is the max resolution being 2048 (hopefully I'm wrong on that)

But even so, there's nothing to stop these being used on smaller assets that aren't too close to the camera imo.

Anyone else tried it.  Pro's and Con's?

Damn, very good. Nice idea!

used it a little bit for textures so far but little bit hit and miss on quality and sizes. Also used it to get design ideas for interiors.

I used the blend option and your images to get this ;)

Isn't the resolution limited to 2k at  the moment?
Too low for us, right?


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